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Why don't I see any video?

1) First, refresh the live player page.

2) Click the Play icon in the center of the player if you see one.


3) Click the Play icon in the bottom left if you see one.


4) If you see a Pause icon in the bottom left and don't see live video, then your player may have froze. Refresh the live player page again.


5) Still no luck? Log into Chat in the right pane to see what folks are saying. If something delays the start of the live session, you'll find out in Chat first. 

6) If folks in the chat are seeing video but you cannot, try these steps:

  • Use a different browser.

  • Use a different computer.

  • Use a different network.

  • Contact your IT department if at work 

  • Contact your internet service provider if at home

If none of these steps have helped, you may need to purchase the All-Access Pass to get forever access to the recordings of the live sessions you missed.

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